2PM Services S.A.R.L. is, like our Group, Independent and Transparent without any hidden fees or interest. A clear overview and structure of our procedures and pricing is visible at the outset.

During our years of operations we have seen a strong demand for extra services required from newcomers to Monaco, family offices, individuals or companies who are seeking advice and assistance in their daily life.

We aim to provide the highest degree of service and of “up to date” knowledge, in cooperation with top professionals and experienced individuals or corporates. ​

Our network of professional advisers can assist and guide you in all our listed services. Should you have other demands or needs than those already listed, we will do our utmost to accomplish them as well.

What Matters really

About us

With over 30 years of experience in financial planning and services, we have the tools to assist and guide you in your daily life.

We pride ourselves in being transparent, honest and consistent, always reacting swiftly to any kind of demand from our clients.

Focusing on the topic, we connect and collaborate with team workers in order to optimize the result effectively and successfully.

We speak several languages, have acquired our experience living abroad in many different countries and have a wide knowledge of how to adapt to new places, environments and how to face and overcome challenges.

We are ambitious for our clients and always aim for the EXTRA service



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As in 2PM Monaco S.A.M. , we believe that all individuals are unique and therefore we deliver  tailor-made solutions to you, your industry and your culture.

Challenges and new situations in life can often add to extra work. Increase your free time and let 2PM Services S.A.R.L. help you to achieve comfort and ease in your life !